Live Stream Self Test

Successful livestreaming requires minimal testing of your computer configuration in advance. Follow these easy steps below to guarantee success.

Step 1 - Flash Player

If you did not see a video when clicking the button above, please download and install the flash player. Or troubleshoot your flash player.

Step 2 - Firewall Test

This tests if there are firewalls that block streaming video and audio. If you see "FAILED", this may not indicate your inability to watch the live broadcast. But it may indicate that your workplace has strict firewalls that block streaming audio and video. You may need to contact your in-house IT team for assistance, or contact us via technical support

Step 3 - Bandwidth Test

This live broadcast streams at an optimal download speed of 1.50 Mbps. If you do not have that speed, please use the "HD" button to select a lower resolution. If you still have issues please contact technical support.

If you simply can NOT watch the live broadcast, please don't worry, this event is being recorded and the archive will be available shortly.

Desktop Browsers Supported

Desktop Browsers Supported
Our live broadcasts and archives are viewable when using the following browsers:
Google Chrome (our preferred browser)
Internet Explorer (version 8, 9, or 10)
Safari (for Mac OS) (click here for Windows download)

Mobile Devices Supported

Mobile Devices Supported
Live broadcasts and archives are viewable on all iOS and Android devices (iPhone, iPad, Android)
Video archives are viewable on iOS, and Android devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or Android 4.2 (Jellybean) and later.

Still having challenges?

If you experience problems, please contact technical support for assistance.

Some technical support cases may require us to remotely access your computer. If so please contact us, and we will use this link to run the remote access applet.

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Tech Support

Technical Support can usually be reached by filling out this form.

Canada: +1 647 247 9240
USA:     +1 646 845 9216
​Europe: +44 (0) 20 8123 6695