Family Law (Full Day Program)

June 25, 2014

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The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario ("ILCO") is excited about offering a Full Day Advanced Family Law Program.

Aaron Franks – Partner, Epstein Cole
6 Common Family Law Myths

Cris Lam, B.A., Hons., Senior Law Clerk, Benmor Family Law Group
How to Effectively Screen Prospective New Callers

  • How to properly screen new callers before they become a new client and step foot in your lawyer’s office
  • Using the tips and techniques to effectively screen prospective new callers with purpose and integrity
  • Recognize difficult clients, conflict of interest and strategically pick the clients that you wish to represent

Michael Cochrane – Partner, Brauti Thorning Zibarra s LLP
Top Ten Things That Make Family Law Cases Harder Than They Should Be

  • Inexperienced Family Law Lawyers/ Dabblers
  • Reactive v. Proactive Strategies
  • Some cases are actually straightforward
  • Etc.

Laura Rosati – Law Clerk, Starr Family Law Professional Corporation
Disclosure: Tips and Tricks on Managing and Organizing Disclosure

  • Making requests for disclosure
  • Keeping track of disclosure
  • Assisting clients in responding to disclosure requests
  • How to organize disclosure in a law firm
  • Incorporating disclosure in Financial Statements and Net Family Property Statements
  • Creating a reminder system for following-up with outstanding disclosure

Robert M. Halpern – Certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Family , Torkin Manes LLP
Equalization of Net Family Property: Completing and Analyzing NFP Worksheets

  • Proper “inclusions”, deductions and exclusions in the calculation of Net Family Property
  • How to prepare your client’s Net Family Property Statement
  • How to attack the other side’s Net Family Property Statement

Lorne J. Fine, Fine & Associates Professional Corporation Family & Divorce Lawyer s
The ABC’s of Child support

  • Who is entitled to child support
  • How the Federal Child Support Guidelines work
  • Calculation of income
  • How custody impacts support
  • Undue hardship
  • Income over $150k
  • Adult children
  • Special and extra ordinary expenses
  • Agreements dealing with support
  • Common questions dealing with support from payors