Advanced Litigation Law Program

March 5, 2014

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The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario ("ILCO") is excited about offering a Full Day Advanced Litigation Law Program.

Trevor CW Farrow, Ph.D. – Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
Five Current Issues In Civil Litigation 

  • proportionality 
  • summary judgment 
  • access to justice 
  • self represented litigants 
  • privatization

Kevin Toyne – Partner, Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP
Extraordinary Remedies​

  • injunctions 
  • ex parte motions 
  • contempt 

David S. Steinberg – Pape Barristers
Affidavits on Motions

  • proper affiants – who should/should not swear affidavit on motion
  • presentation of facts – the role of narrative 
  • use of hearsay – what is permitted, and how to draft
  • full disclosure 
  • scope of cross-examination – determined by the content of the affidavit

Nancy Chaves – Law Clerk, Mcmillan LLP 
The Law Clerk’s Role in Enforcement Practices

  • how your work gets used in practice
  • best practices
  • enforcement of foreign judgments in Ontario

Sebastien Kwidzinski, J.D. – Associate 
Kelly Inglese - Director Of Litigation Law Clerks,  Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP
Documentary Discovery, E-Discovery and Your Ethical and Professional Obligations

  • document discovery process, highlighting such topics as the scope of document discovery, proportionality and the preparation of a Discovery Plan 
  • various E-Discovery considerations such as sources of electronic documents and how to avoid sanctions for spoliation of evidence
  • an overview of the types of privilege, specific privilege issues and various tips to ensure privilege is maintained throughout the document discovery process