Intensive & Immersive Legal Research

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Presented By:
James Cooper, LL.B., MFA
Mr. Cooper, a lawyer and professional researcher, has helped to devise winning legal strategies and legal arguments for a number of Toronto law firms and sole practitioners, using his unique talent for legal research as an effective tool to troubleshoot complex cases with a solid grounding in supportive case law.

A unique and practical instructional approach - furnishing you with legal research skills designed to:

  • Improve your employment marketability in a competitive legal services industry
  • Make you more resourceful and dependable at the office
  • Deepen your understanding of the practical uses of case law
  • Assist you in the handling of a firm’s client matters

In a series of four stand-alone instructional sessions, each with a different main focus, Mr. Cooper provides a practical approach that will immerse you in the process of legal research, taking you through a number of case-based demonstration exercises that show you what he does, how he actually tackles an issue, finds the case law, and applies the results to a file’s particular needs.

February 25, 2014
Session One: Reading And Finding Case Law And Statutes - The Basics
Research demonstration exercises that will teach you: the most effective keyword strategies; to learn how to effectively skim cases and statutory provisions; to appreciate the basic structure of cases; the best reading strategies for understanding what’s relevant to your search and what isn’t.

February 27, 2014
Session Two: Understanding Issue-Based Research
Research demonstration exercises that will teach you: how to correctly frame issues for research; the pitfalls to avoid; to recognize when an issue turns on law or on fact; the crucial importance of formulating the distinguishing elements of a client’s issue, along with their application to case law.

April 22, 2014
Session Three: Legal Research In The Management Of Client Files
Research demonstration exercises that will teach you: how to use research to “work up” a client’s evidence file; how to employ case law as a guide for judging the types of supporting documents and evidence the file requires; the cost-saving applications of case law research: strategies for employing research results in  mediation, settlements, and the avoidance of unnecessary litigation. 

April 24, 2014
​Session Four: Putting It All Together
Integrating the lessons learned from all prior sessions in a series of research demonstration exercises that take you through the whole process - formulating the issues, finding the most on-point case law and statutes, and effectively employing the results in aid of the office and its client files