Advanced Real Estate Law

November 20, 2013

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The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario ("ILCO") is excited about offering a Full Day Advanced Real Estate Law Program.

Sidney H. Troister, LSM – Torkin Manes LLP
Section 50 of the Planning Act –Back to Basics 

  • Understanding how it all works
  • When to search, how far back to search
  • What to search

Susan N. Crisp – Law Clerk, Goodmans LLP
Real Estate Transactions – Moving from Darkness into Light – Tips for Effective Organization, Management and Problem-Solving

  • Real Estate transactions from beginning to end
  • Challenges and problems presented to law clerks in handling transactions
  • Tips and techniques for effectively organizing and managing transactions and some of the challenges associated with them.

Fred Gjoka – Associate, McMillan LLP 
Easing into Easement Fundamentals 

  • Key elements surrounding the creation, granting and extinguishment of easements
  • Discussion on the types of easements, Planning Act considerations 
  • involving easements as well as ancillary rights and considerations pertaining to easements.

Nadia deFreitas – Law Clerk, Chaitons LLP
Land Transfer Tax and the Implications of This Tax on Different Types of Real Estate Transactions

  • Ministry of Finance pre-approval
  • Corporate transfers
  • Nominal transactions
  • Single family residence issues