Productivity and Profitability for Legal Professionals

October 16, 2013

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The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario ("ILCO") is excited about offering a Productivity and Profitability  Program for Legal Professionals.

Learn to:

  • Manage your time effectively - time management tips
  • Negotiate and manage deadlines
  • Develop organized systems and processes
  • Establish teams
  • Meet your goals
  • Maximize internal resources and technology 
  • Maximize precedent use
  • Commoditize routine repetitive work
  • Establish AFA/fixed fees
  • Utilize resources and technology
  • Get the work in the right hands
  • Get the right work to meet your goals
  • Find efficiencies
  • Capture all your time - principles of successful docketing
  • Ensure your time adds value to the file to reduce write-offs
  • Track your billable and non-billable time, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly